Monday, December 19, 2011

Treatment Diaries - Community of Support for Chronic Illnesses

Treatment Diaries is a social networking platform for those living with or caring for someone with chronic diseases to share their stories and connect. This support network can be especially important during the holiday season.

Sometimes it can be lonely to live with a chronic illness or be a caregiver for someone with a chronic illness. Treatment Diaries is a comforting place to journal experiences and express feeling privately or with others. Community members can ask questions about treatment options and receive support, all anonomyously.

Living your life with a chronic condition or caring for someone with an on-going illness is perhaps one of life’s greatest challenges, demanding significant perseverance and genuine support. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, family member or advocate - doctors offer medical assistance, loved ones provide empathy for a short period - but who really understands the daily struggle and the questions you live with; “Why me?” or “What can I do to help make it stop?” or “Why won’t the pain just go away?” The answer: ONLY you and those who share your condition and experience! The good news, at Treatment Diaries, no matter what the condition or situation - YOU are no longer alone.

Why Treatment Diaries?
  • Connections are powerful and made through shared conditions and the inspiration found in those who understand

  • Real information shared based on personal experience

  • Who you are and the sharing you do is kept anonymous

  • Search on a key word to make connections through shared treatments, experiences and emotions.

  • Read the diaries of others and be inspired.

  • Scribble in a diary of a fellow user to show encouragement and provide hope.

    • Extending support through experience is empowering - building a new sense of meaning in your life and a renewed sense of self. To help someone you can relate to is therapeutic and a large component of establishing overall personal well-being.
      Founder Amy Ohm says “We want people to make authentic, quality, lifelong, and if they wish anonymous connections, and inspire others to live life to the fullest, no matter what their condition.” If you are searching for on line support checking out might be both comforting and uplifting.

      If you are searching for a gift that will be usefual and appreciated by a cancer patient or someone with another chronic disease which has unpleasant side effects please visit