Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skin Care After Oncology Radiation Therapy

It is imperative to protect skin that has been exposed to oncology radiation therapy from sun exposure. The skin is very sensitive for up to three years from radiation treatments. We have found that many radiation therapy patients are not aware that their skin remains vulnerable even after their therapy treatments are complete. Below we share some products that offer excellent protection. They are packaged conveniently, and most can be carried on to airplanes when flying.

SolRx Dry Zinc SPF #40 (.25 oz. $4.00)
SolRx Dry Zinc SPF #40 is excellent for facial blocking. This product is truly exceptional. It goes on clear and dries quickly, leaving a matte finish. It stays on in the water. Reapplication is not necessary. Overall it has a great feel and easy application. Small, easy to carry, and great for airline carry on luggage, cycle bags, sport bags.

SolRx MD Matte Zinc SPF #40 (2 oz. $29.00)

SolRx MD Matte Finish SPF #40-8 Hour Waterproof Clear Zinc Sunscreen: Sal-Free, Paraben-Free, Paba-Free, Oil-Free, Unfragranced, goes on clean and dry, stays put for 8 hours and is invisible on the skin: no white sheen. Product rated SPF 40 in the industry's 8 hour waterproof test. This is a fabulous high end sunscreen product. This product is very similar to the SolRx Dry Zinc, but is available in a larger packaging.

SolRx Spray-Dry 8 Hour Spray-On Sun block SPF #35 (2.5 oz. $7.00)SolRx spray sun block uses a trademarked Water Block waterproof system, and it will stay on all day in the water. Spray-Dry goes on light and dries rapidly. This product is safe for face, hands, seniors, and children. The spray goes on best when held 12 – 18 inches from the body for good, wide coverage. Great for carry on luggage.

RĀDX SPF #44 8 hour Waterproof Sun block with Parsol 1789 - $10.00 (2 oz.)
also available: SolRx SPF #44 or SPF #30 or SPF #15 Sunblock

This sunscreen should be worn daily on treated areas that might be exposed to the sun. Organic aloe gel based, and PABA-free, the formulation is made with an 8 hour waterproof system, so one application per day is usually sufficient. This product is made with Parsol 1789 UVA blocker, and the tubes have flip-top lids. The product leaves an almost matte finish so makeup can be easily applied over it.

SolRx Lip Ice SPF 30 - or TriSport Lip Protectant SPF 30 - $3.00 (per stick)

Daily use of SolRx or Tri Sport Lip Protectant will help to prevent dry lip syndrome. Made with super moisturizers, aloe and vitamins A and E, this SPF 30 product has a real vanilla flavor. SolRx: Long-wearing, moisturizing. As effective after a day outside, as it is in protection against sunburn & wind chap TriSport: Applied once, stays well, moisturizes, protects from both sunburn and wind chap, warm weather, cold weather, swimming, cycling, running.

Lindi Sun from LindiSkin – 4 oz. $25.00 Tropical Scent (spray on mist)

Alcohol free, Lindi Sun offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection for everyday use. This lightweight SPF 30+ sunscreen mist provides total coverage, and it's so easy to use. Lindi Sun dries quickly and offers great protection from the sun's damaging rays with a light tropical scent. Lindi Sun is water & perspiration resistant and contains no alcohol, oil or PABA. Parsol ® 1789 is one of the sunscreen ingredients.

There are numerous other skin issues that can develop after radiation therapy. Above we have highlighted the sun protection products. Other products will be discussed in future posts.