Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gel Sheets for Radiation Burn Care – Cool Magic Gel Sheets and Lind Skin Cooler Rolls

Gel sheets are a handy and noninvasive product that can be used for radiation burn care. They help to soothe and calm radiation burns. Some of our customers tell us they provide incredible relief from pain and itching and that allows them to continue with daily chores and especially to sleep at night! The great thing about gel sheets is that they can be left on for long periods of time (for some people, up to 3 days) and they provide continuous relief. You can also put the gel sheets over radiation creams such as the RADX radiation therapy cream or Alra Therapy Lotion.

We carry two kinds of gel sheets on our cancer care product website:
Cool Magic gel sheets receive rave customer reviews.
Cool Magic Hydrogel Sheets come in 2 sizes
3.75 inches x 3.75 inches OR 6 inches x 8 inches
They can be purchased individually or in a box of 10 sheets all the same size.
• This light-weight, see-through polymer sheet provides instant cooling to burns, abrasions, skin tears, radiation reactions and sensitive wounds, effectively reducing pain.
• The sterile hydrogel polymer sheet consists of 90% water, 10% inactive crosslinked polyethylene oxide matrix, and it transfers heat away from the wound, providing a cooling effect.
• Cooling action relieves pain of burning, itching, or sore skin
• Can be refrigerated for greater cooling capacity
• Allows oxygen flow while preventing bacteria or foreign material from entering wound.
Cool Magic is mentioned enthusiastically in several cancer blogs by cancer patients who have used these dressings and received relief. (for example
Suggestions for use for Cool Magic gel sheets:
Apply over wound for a cool, soothing effect.
Change the dressing every 24 to 36 hours.
Hold in place with tape or stretch gauze (you may not need tape or gauze).
Why it works:
Semi-occlusive: allows flow of oxygen
Prevents bacteria and foreign matter from entering wound
Hydrophilic and absorptive – absorbs three times its weight
Cools live nerve endings due to 90% water-10% polyethylene formulation
Will not damage tissue when removed
The dressing can easily be cut to fit the wound
The dressing leaves no wet or sticky feeling when removed
DO NOT USE Cool Magic FOR:
• Full Thickness Wounds
• Infected Wounds
• 3rd Degree Burns

Lind Skin Cooler Rolls which have aloe vera are also featured on our website.
Lindi Skin Coolers provide intense relief to areas that are burned or dehydrated.
Skin Coolers are especially effective on hyper-sensitive, compromised skin. They can be used on radiation dermatitis, sunburn, “hot flashes”, or itchy, dry skin. During radiation therapy, skin should always be washed and free of any product. Skin Coolers should be used after each treatment.
To relieve areas that are burned or dehydrated, look to the immediate cooling comfort and intense hydration of the Lindi Skin Cooler Roll. The natural properties of water and aloe vera combine to help soothe any compromised area and promote a moist, healing environment for healthy skin. Leave on area for 20-45 minutes. Lindi Skin Cooler Roll is designed to be custom cut for your needs and conform to the size and shape of the wound. Simply cut, apply to skin and then discard after one-time use.
The size of the lindiskin cooler roll is - 1 roll (4 in x 60 in)
Lindi Skin cooler rolls are Dermatologist Tested - Allergy Tested - Non-Irritating
Suggestions for use: open the package and drain the excess liquid. Cut Lindi Skin Cooler to the desired size and peel off backing. For maximum comfort, place on skin for 20-45 minutes. Discard used product. Unused product may be stored in a sealed bag or container in the refrigerator. Do not freeze or leave it uncovered.
Caution – the Skin cooler roll is for external use only. Not for use on broken skin.
The Cool Magic gel sheets and the Lind Skin cooler rolls can be cut to size. They can be refrigerated before use, but they don’t have to be. They will naturally adhere to the skin, and peel off easily when you want to remove them.
To order Cool Magic gel sheets or Lind Skin cooler rolls you can click here.
Cool Magic gel sheets can be purchased in boxes of 10 (3.75 inch square) or (6x8 inch).

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