Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Radiant Wrap – Stylish and Comfortable Radiation Therapy Gowns - Inspiration During Treatment

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Thanks to Maria Lucas of Radiant Wrap a visit to a radiation oncology center doesn't have to mean wearing a frayed and faded gown. The inspiration for her idea came during her treatment and it is one of her ways to "pay it forward" and help other patients feel more comfortable during treatment.
Radiant Wrap founders - Maria Lucas and her son
Maria says "I knew I wanted something that was stylish and flattering, something that was closed and secure at the back and something that didn’t have ties, buttons, Velcro or snaps. I thought if I could cut up these gowns and design a one piece wrap around that tied at the waist, I would have a beautiful alternative gown. And that is exactly what I did. I had a prototype made of my design, and a first run of forty gowns made that June, six months after I was diagnosed and one month after I finished my radiation."

Read more in the blog post, where you can also read about how to order a Radiant Wrap for yourself or a loved one.

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