Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minerva Health Manager Video Tour - Describing Personal Health Record Software

Please view this short video which describes the Minerva Health Manager personal health record software. Personal health records are important to maintain as healthcare in the US becomes more complicated. Personal health records can help you if you visit multiple doctors, for different diagnoses or for second opinions. Storing personal information electronically is the wave of the future. Minerva is highly rated by services which rate personal health record software.

There are many reasons to buy this product. Most important:
Minerva Health Manager can save your life!
As a reminder, some of Minerva’s main features are:
Keeps track of medical alerts
Track medications and check for side effects and drug interactions
Can store digital x-rays, videos, MRI’s and photos
Keeps doctor contact information organized and accessible
Keeps an updated list of Emergency Contacts
Keeps a record of diagnoses
Keeps a record of surgeries
Family history is coordinated
Keeps records of doctor visits
Can help prevent medical mistakes and duplicate testing
Easy access to important health information
Carry your family health records with you on your slimline or wristband flashdrive, or on your iphone, ipad or android
Create and access advanced directives including living wills

Minerva is essential for everyone, not just people with complicated, lengthy or significant health histories. It is also essential for families with young or college age children. It is especially helpful for children who participate in varsity athletics, children who are away at camp or college, and family members who may be traveling or studying abroad. It is essential for people who travel frequently for business and may encounter a health situation while traveling in a different city, state or country. It is essential for athletes who train vigorously and who might be at risk of traffic or other accidents during training.

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