Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Lymphedema Breast Cancer App - A Comprehensive “On the Go” Guide to Lymphedema

The Lymphedema Breast Cancer App features information on what lymphedema is and how to reduce your risk. The App is a resource for all women who have had lymph node surgery or radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment and who are at risk of developing Lymphedema. The App includes a “step by step” video teaching users how to measure their own arm. Users can save their arm measurements in the App’s measures diary, allowing them to track the size of their arm over time.

The Lymphoedema Breast Cancer App can be downloaded from the itunes and Google Play stores for $1.99. The App is compatible for both smartphone and tablet devices.

The Lymphoedema Breast Cancer App was developed by Kelly Foote, who is a cancer care physiotherapist and the app developer. She is a guest blogger for the article described herein and which you can access by clicking below.

Lymphodema Breast Cancer App
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Note: Kelly Foote is a Cancer Care Physiotherapist and the Lymphoedema Breast Cancer App Developer. Kelly resides in Brisbane, Australia.