Thursday, August 1, 2013

What You Put On Your Skin Matters ~ Scrutinze Ingredients - Here's Why!

By Jama Russano, Guest Blogger

Did you know that ninety percent of skin-care products on the market contain ingredients that can be carcinogenic, estrogenic, or teratogenic, with the potential for long-term serious neurological disorders and conditions? Skin is the body’s largest organ; everything we put on our skin can potentially end up in our bodies. Be kind to your skin. DermaQOL personal care products have been formulated with organic essential oils, extracts and natural materials and all products are free of harsh ingredients.

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It took five years to create a solution for the most delicate and sensitive, chemically reactive skin! DermaQOL Personal Care products are specifically formulated from a select group of certified organic essential oils, extracts, and resins combined with natural materials that meet strict standards and "free of harsh ingredient list". Delicate, nourishing, and sensitive skin-care products simply glide across your skin without pulling and tugging. Feel the difference! Take the challenge and compare the DermaQOL products to the items your are currently using.

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Jama Russano, the author of this post has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.  She developed Thorne Organics and DermaQOL Estrogenic Activity Free Skin Care Products. (You can read more about Jama's biography in the full blog post by clicking above).