Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lots To Live For, Inc. is Dedicated to Delivering Comfort During Cancer

Lots To Live For, Inc. is a curated collection of cancer resources dedicated to delivering comfort to individuals who are battling the unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

The Daily Voice recently wrote an article describing the inspiration for the launch of Lots To Live For, Inc. and the most popular products sold on the website.

Lots to Live For was created by Margot Malin as a loving tribute to her mother and grandmother, who both fought cancer so bravely. As a firsthand witness to the debilitating effects that their treatments took on her relatives, Margot saw the need for personal care products that would comfort cancer patients during a difficult time.

"Malin's dream was to create a one-stop shopping site for products that would reduce and relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery."

 “Since 2000, there have been so many products introduced to help cancer patients,” Malin said. “A lot of them have been created by individuals who have gone through treatment.”

Products sold reduce and relieve side effects in a variety of categories including: skin care, radiation burn care, oral care, hair care and nutrition. There are also many curated thoughtful gifts which are both thoughtful and useful, and certainly welcomed by the recipients.

To read the full article in the Daily Voice: click here.  
Upper Saddle River Woman Sells Products That Comfort Cancer Patients

To shop for products on the Lots To Live For website: click here.