Monday, December 12, 2011

Minerva Health Technologies Inc. Partners with Lots To Live For, Inc.

Minerva Health Technologies Inc. Partners with Lots To Live For, Inc. to Distribute Minerva® Health Manager Personal Health Record Software

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J. – Minerva Health Technologies Inc. has partnered with Lots To Live For, Inc. to distribute Minerva® Health Manager, a Personal Health Record Manager system that organizes important health information for patients and families in one software solution.

Whether individuals and their family members are relatively healthy and going for a routine doctor’s visit, or managing a chronic condition and receiving extensive treatment, many want to be actively involved in their healthcare experience. Minerva Health Manager helps them securely manage their individual health history, without the use of the Internet; from detailed information on medical alerts, emergency contacts, health conditions, medications, allergies, immunizations, and insurance, to storing test results, treatments, and contents of their official advance directives.

And best of all, Minerva personal health records can be portable, so Healthcare Providers and Agents can have immediate access to their patient’s most current medical records – wherever, whenever, without the use of the Internet.

“Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on our healthcare system to have access to critical health information for accurate diagnoses or treatments. Anyone who has been in an emergency room likely has nightmares of all of the paperwork and chaos,” said Dan Schiavello, President, of Minerva Health Technologies. “With Minerva, you can have all of your health information stored on a lightweight wristband or tiny flash drive---smaller than a house key --- available in emergencies and for routine doctor visits.”

With a complete health history carried on their Minerva Wristband or Slimline Flash Drive, stored on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android, or even as a printed report, they will be in a better position to receive the very best healthcare for themselves and their family members.

The Minerva personal health record software solution is comprehensive and easy to use, and it is surprisingly affordable for such a powerful software tool. Watch the 3‑minute Video Tour to learn how Minerva can help save lives. You can also download the free Trial and the Minerva PHR Viewer, a free app for your mobile device.

Lots To Live For, Inc. offers products to combat unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Importantly, Lots To Live For, Inc. sells items to help heal and soothe radiation burns. In addition they provide helpful cancer skin care products for sensitive and compromised skin, and hair care products to reduce and prevent hair loss. Lots To Live For, Inc offers thoughtful and appreciated cancer gifts and compassionate service. Now through the partnership with Minerva, Lots To Live For, Inc. also offers patients a way to organize, coordinate, store, and carry their important medical records.

About Minerva Health Technologies
Founded in 2000, Minerva Health Technologies Inc. is a software development company specializing in computer aided health software development and consulting. Minerva Health Technologies develops Consumer and Healthcare Provider software to manage personal health records and to optimize the interaction between patients and their healthcare providers.

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About Lots To Live For
Lots To Live For, Inc. is a family business created to help individuals who are battling cancer. We offer help and solutions for side effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. We have carefully selected products that were extremely useful to various patients we've worked with, which include the courageous members of our own family. All of the products are available to order on our website.

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