Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Surprising Places You’re Being Overexposed to Radiation

Radiation. The word alone scares us, but we’re exposed to it on a daily basis in some unlikely places. While there’s no reason to dictate where you go based on radiation, know that extreme exposure to certain types of radiation can be hazardous to your health. Illnesses include vomiting, nausea and in some cases, a loss of white blood cells (the good cells that fight bad germs in our system). Excessive cumulative exposure to radiation over many years should be avoided. So while our Cancer Blog! Typically talks about radiation oncology risks and side effects, we thought that it might be helpful to remind readers that radiation also comes from other sources.

Maureen Denard reviews the ten most surprising places that you might be exposed to radiation in her posting on http://www.msndegree.com/ and the article can be accessed by clicking here.

In summary, the 10 most surprising places are:
1. Airplanes
2. Living in the plateaus of New Mexico or Colorado
3. Color TV’s
4. Tobacco smoke
5. Military service
6. Packaged food
7. Working in hospitals or clinics where x-rays are performed
8. Smoke detectors
9. Camping out frequently
10. Radon gas

Her conclusion is simple – be aware and exercise caution. “Radiation can be hazardous, but with a heads-up on where you may be overexposed, you can live life carefully. Understand some instances that expose us to radiation are harmless because they’re in such small doses such as getting an x-ray or standing near a microwave, so there’s no need to overhaul your life to stay away from the scary buzzword.”

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