Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Relief: Comfort Slings Help Relieve Abrasions and Dermatitis Beneath The Breast

by Margot Malin, CEO and Founder of Lots To Live For, Inc.

Patients who are undergoing radiation therapy on the underside of their breasts may develop radiation dermatitis, painful sores, and even weepy lesions in the skin folds beneath their breasts. The inflammation can be worsened by excessive perspiration and the chafing resulting from skin-to-skin contact. Once these side effects occur the patient experiences significant discomfort.

Relief: A new product called the ComfortSling(R) can help to improve comfort and prevent the continuing abrasion or fold over effect. The Breast Comfort Sling allows the breast to rest on a soft cushion giving freer air circulation while wicking away perspiration to keep the sore area dry. The straps are adjustable so there is no pressure on the neck or shoulder, or on the sore areas beneath the breast. The cushion provides a comfort barrier between the breast and the skin beneath it to prevent excessive chafing, and the antimicrobial material discourages bacteria growth.

The Slings are available in either a single sling, or a double sling.
The Single Sling: Women have found that wearing the Breast Comfort Single Sling from the onset of radiotherapy, even before any side effects have begun to appear, is the most effective way to minimize uncomfortable side effects to the skin. Wearing the sling as many hours as possible throughout the day, especially when sleeping, is most effective.
The Double SlingWomen with large breasts often suffer yeast infections, skin rashes, fungus and other irritations due to excessive perspiration and poor circulation under their breasts. The moisture irritates the skin and the area becomes further inflamed as the breast tends to rub against the skin beneath it. The ComfortSling® Double-Sling is an ideal solution.

The fabric for the Breast ComfortSlings and Pads was specially selected because it is very soft and has both wicking and antimicrobial qualities. The straps are soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to hold their shape when worn across the shoulders. The slings stay in place, yet they are loose enough to avoid pressure and constriction across the neck and under the breast.

Breast ComfortSlings and Pads were developed by Elizabeth Silver during her radiation oncology treatment and they proved so effective that her radiologist and oncologist were amazed at the excellent condition of her skin during her treatment. In fact, it was they who recommended that she begin to market the slings so that more women could benefit from the relief they provided.

Patients have found amazing relief from using the products, as described in these reviews: 

Life Saver!! 5 Star Review

Posted on May 12th 2016
My cousin was in her 20th treatment of radiation and we started noticing that the crease under her left breast was raw and peeling to the point of extreme pain. I was desperately searching for some type of treatment that would help and I did. This breast sling is the best . It allowed her breast to heel so much faster. If anyone is going to be starting radiation, please, please get this before starting treatment! It will help sooooo much! 

Posted on May 31, 2016
Using the breast comfort sling and the pads, combined with clotrimazole (an antifungal cream found in lortimin AF athletes foot cream), I have managed to heal a 1/2 dollar sized very painful and itchy irritation under my breast. It has been there for months and within 5 days of using the pads and cream it has greatly reduced and virtually healed.

This post is a condensed version of  Comfort Slings Help Relieve Soreness and Abrasion Beneath the Breasts published on the Breast Cancer Yoga Blog in December 2015.