Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tips To Help You Soothe Radiation Burns from Britta Aragon, founder of CV Skinlabs

by Britta Aragon

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Ask anyone who's been through radiation treatments, and they'll tell you - one of the most difficult things to deal with are the burns.  Radiation kills cancer cells, but on its way into the body to attack the tumor, it can also damage skin cells.  Depending on the intensity or strength of the beam and how many sessions you have, the burns may range from minor redness and swelling, like a sunburn, to more sever blistering, peeling and flaking.

When treating these types of burns, the standard, over-the-counter petroleum-based products just won't cut it! Petroleum covers the skin, but does noting to nourish or heal it, and can actually contribute to more dryness over the long term.  Chemical preservatives and fragrances can also contribute to the irritation and pain.

Instead, what you need when treating radiation burns is:
A. Something to cool it down
B. Something to heal it
C. Something to deeply moisturize

In this blog post Britta Aragon, cancer survivor, shares tips for reducing the effects of radiation on the skin. Britta shares her skin care knowledge as a make up artist and esthetician.  "My goal is to encourage people to be extra kind to their bodies, minds and souls during what can be a very difficult time...Self-care is where the healing starts."

Using her expertise, Britta has developed the CV Skinlabs product line especially for sensitive skin.  With careful attention paid to be sure that all ingredients are natural and soothing, CV Skinlabs products deliver beauty and safety without compromise.

There are currently 4 products in the CV Skinlabs product line (shown above) and Britta explains how they can help you relive the symptoms of radiation burns including itch, radiation bumps and radiation rash with these fabulous products that she has developed.

  1. Rescue & Relief Spray - brings cooling relief to dry, itchy, burning and irritated skin
  2. Body Repair Lotion - hydrates dry skin and restores radiance, relieves dry itcy skin
  3. Restorative Skin Balm - advanced therapy for severely dry and cracked skin, helps scars
  4. Calming Moisture for Face, Neck and Scalp - helps to immediately calm, hydrate & nourish chronically dry and flushed skin while returning radiance.

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