Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips to Combat Cancer Side Effects and Improve Comfort During Cancer Treatment

by Margot Malin, Founder and CEO of Lots To Live For, Inc.

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Tips to Improve Comfort During Cancer Treatment / How To Combat Cancer Side Effects

Starting either chemotherapy or radiation oncology treatment can feel overwhelming. There are logistics and arrangements to consider, medical research and treatment options to review, as well as getting through daily tasks.  Patients often forget to explore how they can reduce cancer treatment side effects.  Reducing unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects is important because the more comfortable you feel during treatment, the more likely you will be to continue through treatments uninterrupted, and the better your outcome will be. In addition, you will be able to carry on a more normal lifestyle, and have a better overall frame of mind.
Lots To Live For, Inc. provides Comfort During Cancer

In the post we offer concrete suggestions about how to combat the inevitable debilitating side effects of treatment. We share information about a variety of products that can make you more comfortable during chemotherapy and radiation. We offer tips and resources about nutrition and exercise during cancer. And perhaps most helpful, we offer suggestions for a "goody bag" of helpful items to take with you to radiation and chemotherapy treatments to enhance your comfort.

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