Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Survive and Live Well – Internet Radio for Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors and Cancer Thrivers

By Elyn Jacobs, Guest Blogger and Cancer Coach

I am no stranger to cancer. My father survived prostate cancer fifteen years ago; my mother battled breast cancer for thirteen years and lost her battle months after my own diagnosis. My sister would then be diagnosed mere months later. I was 45. We were young and healthy; young, healthy people don’t get cancer. We were wrong. We had to be missing something.

I reflected on my mother’s life with cancer. My mother’s journey was strife with episodes of doctor’s orders, not teamwork, and I had to intervene many times. I knew that she had been pushed into one final treatment that had little promise, and was to be the cause of her sudden and rapid decline. With one last gasp of air and the flickering of her eyes, she was gone. The fear in her eyes as they flashed and she fell silent is a sight I would never forget. It haunts me. I don’t want to die like that, of the terrible death cancer inflicts. I would not let this cancer take me from my two wonderful boys. I then reflected on my own journey. I had an incredible team of doctors who empowered me to take control of the situation and to be an active participant in my care. My questions were answered, my voice heard. Clearly, to have the best outcome, one must have a great team who is willing to work as a team. Still, team Elyn knew that just because treatment had ended, life without cancer had just begun.

I realized that I would do everything possible to avoid recurrence and to help others avoid getting this disease. I began with extensive research to better understand the causes which led to certain lifestyle changes I have made. I learned that healing requires more than just the best medical team. I learned that by changing the environment in which my cancer was permitted to grow, I could reduce its ability to take hold again. I found there was a gap between utilizing the best of medical science and supporting the body’s own innate ability to heal itself; nature provides ample resources for healing as well as enhancing conventional cancer treatment, but this ability requires support.

I like to say that my encounter with breast cancer propelled me on a life-changing course. One that took me from the darkness of cancer to empowering women to find the best treatment and team for their cancer, and to move on to a life of wellness. I realized that I could not return to my Wall Street job. I knew I had found my new passion. I wanted to be the voice. I wanted to make sure that all women were heard by their doctors and received the best possible care. I wanted to help women to reduce their risk of recurrence. I wanted others to know the value of complementary therapies during and post treatment. I wanted to help others get past their cancer and into cancer-free lives. I became a cancer coach. My life would be forever changed.

However, along this path I realized that coaching was not enough. I decided to host a radio show to give people access to doctors, peers, and critical information direct to their home or office. My show, Survive and Live Well, tips to treat and beat cancer, is part of the Cancer Support Network, W4CS.com. (Women4CancerSupport). Join me weekly as I chat with the experts; hear the stories and paths taken by those who have traveled before and alongside you. We have an amazing lineup; upcoming shows will cover surgical options for breast cancer, genetics, and alternative options for treatment. Want a peek at upcoming guests? Click here for the show schedule of bios of past and future guests. We have fun, we learn a lot. You can listen live Tuesdays at 1pm, EST, by logging into http://www.w4cs.com/. Join us in the chat room to chat with other guests and to ask questions. Find the best options for you, for your cancer. Learn how you can help prevent recurrence and minimize the treatment side effects that compromise your health and well being. My goal is to empower you with information to help you regain control of your health; to not only treat cancer, but beat cancer, survive, thrive and live well.

To view a list of upcoming and past shows click here. Past shows/interviews have been archived and are available for you to listen at any time on your computer. There is no charge to listen to upcoming or archived shows. Click here for guest bios and topics.
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Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor, professional cancer coach, radio talk show host, speaker, and the Executive Director for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. Elyn empowers women to choose the path for treatment that best fits their own individual needs. She is passionate about helping others move forward into a life of health and wellbeing. Elyn lives in New York with her husband and two young boys. To learn more about Elyn’s coaching services, please visit: http://elynjacobs.wordpress.com. To tune into the Survive and Live Well radio show, please visit www.W4CS.com, Tuesdays at 1pm (EST).

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