Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lots To Live For, Inc. Featured in Interview in the On and Off the Mat Blog by Embrace Activism

Lots To Live For, Inc. is featured in the On and Off the Mat Blog under the "Power of Love" series of blog posts. Margot Malin, President, CEO and Founder of Lots To Live For, Inc. is interviewed by Karen Whittier, Chief Activist at Embrace Activism about the inspiration and genesis of the company.  Lots To Live For, Inc is an internet retailer that sells carefully selected products to reduce and relieve the uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation. The genesis and inspiration for this company came after the passing of two close family members following their courageous battles with cancer. The company mission is to provide options and support to others who are going through exhausting and debilitating chemotherapy and radiation oncology treatments. Put simply: We recognize that you have "lots to live for" and we offer solutions so that you can improve the quality of your life.
An few excerpts from the interview follow:

Karen:  Both your mother and grandmother battled cancer. Were their cancers found early?
Margot: Luckily research and discouvery in medicine continue to progress so both treatments and diagnoses have advanced over the years. So there is a double benefit: cancer is being found earlier, and the treatments have improved significantly. Sadly, the cancer was not found early in either my mother or grandmother. In fact both had already progressed to Stage 4 when they received their diagnoses.
Karen:  More than a handful of cancer patients have commented on the toll cancer treatments take. What types of treatment did your mother and grandmother have?
Margot: Between the two of them all of the weapons against cancer were used: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. All three "weapons" have improved over time. Surgery is more precise, there are better and more targeted types of chemotherapy, and the radiology equipment has become more precise and focused. Unfortunately, even with all the improvements in medicine and technology, treatment can still be exhausting and debilitating.

Karen: What types of products are available through Lots to Live For, Inc?
Margot: This is my favorite question because we have so many wondeful side effect solutions! We sell helpful products ranging from nutitional supplements to topical skin, hair and nail products and much more. All these products help you improve the quality of your life while you are going though treatments that may effect your skin, hair, nails and mouth, and also make you tired and nauseous. Our products help these side effects. We carry a number of different product lines including Haelan 951, Thymuskin Hair Care items, RADX and SolRx products, Lindiskin Skin Care products, Alra products, Biotene Oral Care, My Girls Cream, SkinFree, CoolMagic gel sheets, Biobands for nausea and software from Minerva Health Manager to organize health records. We have a complete line of products for radiation skin care, radiation dermatitis and radiation burns. I should also mention that one of our most popular and most important product lines is Cancer Gifts. Of course any of the items we sell can be purchased as a gift, but we also have some uniquely themed gift sets for specific side effects ("Mouth Moisturizer", "Help for Hair", "Radiation Burn Care Kit", etc) which make expecially caring and thoughtful gifts. These gifts help to express your support and concern. You can write a note on our website order form which will be enclosed with the gift and sent directly to the recipient. We also sell gift certificates.

To read the complete interview please click here: On and Off the Mat Blog Interviews Lots To Live For!  
As Karen says at the conclusion of the post "Please share this Power of Love story with anyone you know battling cancer and/or caregivers. Visit the Lots to Live For website, Cancer Blog and, if you're on Facebook, be sure to 'like' their page. Cancer patients may be more keenly aware, but we ALL have lots to live for!"
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