Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CR Magazine - Another Great Resource for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers

CR was launched by the American Association for Cancer Research in March 2006 to serve an unmet need: a forum for sharing credible, balanced information about cancer and perspectives on the pressing challenges in cancer research today. We believe that collaborations among members of the cancer community—survivors and those who care for and about them—will lead to results in cancer prevention, treatment and care.
CR Magazine has a print version and an on line version. The CR website offers some interesting podcasts which have been created to address specific issues of interest to cancer patients. Some examples of the podcasts which are accessible on the website are:
The Human Side of Cancer
With Dr. Jimmie Holland
By Kevin Begos
A new series of podcasts about coping with the psychological and emotional side of cancer.
Cancer News Podcast -Speeding Up Translational Research
By Kevin Begos
A proposed NIH center aims to move science from bench to beside faster.
Cancer Drug Shortages
By Kevin Begos
Doctors and pharmaceutical companies must find solutions to shortages of some tried-and-true medications.
Novel Strategies for Breast Cancer Therapy
By Kevin Begos
Improved understanding of breast cancer subtypes can lead to better treatments for the disease.
Pathobiology of Breast Cancer
By Kevin Begos
Scientists now have a greater understanding of how breast cancer works.
The above are just a few examples of the podcasts available on the website. To access the podcasts and to view additional titles click here.
You can subscribe to the print edition of CR Magazine by clicking here.