Thursday, February 17, 2011

Complete Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Survivors - Helpful Book

A useful guide to nutrition for cancer patients and survivors:

American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Survivors: Eating Well, Staying Well During and After Cancer
Abby S. Bloch PhD RD (Editor), Barbara Grant MS RD CSO LD (Editor), Kathryn K. Hamilton MA RD CDN CSO (Editor), Cynthia A. Thomson PhD RD (Editor)

Dieticians can be extremely helpful for people who have cancer. Many cancer patients do not have access to nutritional counseling. This helpful book can serve as a useful resource.

Written for consumers, patients, and families seeking reliable information about nutritional support for people with cancer, this comprehensive guide offers the latest information about using nutrition to optimal advantage during the cancer journey. Also discussed is the role of sound nutritional choices before, during, and after cancer therapy and how they can help bolster energy levels, strengthen the immune system, fight off infection, and minimize the side effects of treatment. Charts, information on special diets, and level-headed advice about dietary supplements make this a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

About the Authors
Barbara Grant, MS, RD, CSO, LD, is the outpatient clinical nutritionist at the Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center and is a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition. Abby S. Bloch, PhD, RD, is executive director of programs and research for the Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Foundation, was on staff at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer, and was chairperson for the American Cancer Society Advisory Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity. Kathryn K. Hamilton, MA, RD, CDN, CSO, is an outpatient clinical oncology dietitian with the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at the Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey; an assistant professor at College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown; and a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition. Cynthia A. Thomson, PhD, RD, is an associate professor at the University of Arizona department of nutritional sciences, a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition, and was a nominee for the Sidney Salmon Memorial Award for Cancer Research in 2009.