Monday, December 20, 2010

Lots To Live For, Inc. Partners with Happy Chemo! To Offer Free Items With Orders

Lots To Live For, Inc. has partnered with the Happy Chemo! website which offers discounts and support for cancer patients. This resource is helpful for both patients and caregivers. Great cancer gift ideas can be found through the Happy Chemo website partners. Happy Chemo is an oxymoron on a mission - the desire to make the cancer experience a little brighter and easier to endure.

Fighting cancer is a tough journey. Happy Chemo! partners with local and national companies to provide cancer patients and caregivers with exclusive special offers to provide relief before, during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. Cancer symptons can bring emotional and mental anxiety, not just to the patient, but to the caregivers and family as well. You can find the Lots To Live For, Inc. partner page by clicking here.

Check out the Happy Chemo! website for some support, some special offers, and new resources to explore.