Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cancer Gifts – Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Treatment

Cancer gifts express your caring, concern and support. If you are having trouble selecting just the right item for your friend or loved one consider buying a product or a collection of products to ease cancer side effects.

Patients who are undergoing radiation therapy often get radiation dermatitis, or radiation burns. There are some excellent creams and lotions that can help to prevent the burns, and then to soothe them if a person has already been burned. A few suggestions include:
  •  RADX radiation therapy gift kit – 4 products to help from before radiation starts to post radiation skin protection care. Using these products should keep your skin supple and healthy
  •  Alra therapy lotion - offers soothing relief to skin exposed to radiation therapy, and is also effective in the treatment of eczema, sunburn, and other severe dry skin conditions
  •  CoolMagic gel sheets - these light-weight, see-through polymer sheets provide instant cooling to burns, abrasions, skin tears, radiation reactions and sensitive wounds, effectively reducing pain.
  •  Skin cooler rolls - especially effective on hyper-sensitive, compromised skin. They can be used on radiation dermatitis, sunburn, “hot flashes”, or itchy, dry skin.
  •  My Girl's Cream - Calendula based, and made in Hungary, My Girls skin cream has a creamy texture that spreads easily over delicate skin and helps maintain the healthy appearance of the skin without staining clothes.
  •  7 cream -  7 Cream is a topical homeopathic skin care remedy with 7 natural ingredients whose healing properties help radiation burns.
Other unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy can be related to oral care, hair care, skin care (other than radiation burns), and nausea.
We will talk about gift suggestions for these side effects in future blog posts.

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