Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cancer Side Effects: Radiation Burns

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a source of information and inspiration to patients, friends and caregivers who are interested in learning about options to reduce some of the uncomfortable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

When two courageous members of our own family experienced debilitating side effects from cancer treatment, we searched for products that could help them. We discovered some great items, but also found that they were hard to obtain. We founded Lots To Live For, Inc. ( as a one stop shopping resource for cancer side effect solutions.

In our blog posts we will talk about products, give patient feedback, and link to important and current articles relating to oncology and radiation care.

For our first post we focus on Radiation Burns. We have a number of products that are helpful for the skin during radiation therapy. Most of these products have been developed by individuals and families who have undergone radiation therapy treatment themselves, and created their products to target their own uncomfortable side effects.

In this posting we highlight the RADX Product line.
RADX was developed specifically for the founder of the product line’s brother who, going through intensive radiation treatments, developed burn and skin irritation that the usual prescription products did not help. With over 24 years in the burn relief/skin care business (including sun protection/sun care products), and having been named one of the top 500 privately held companies in America, the founders used their technological expertise to create the RADX products. RADX has been proven repeatedly – in several hundred cancer treatment facilities in the US, including some of the most renowned – to prevent radiation dermatitis and to relieve many of the skin related side effects of radiation therapy.

RADX Moisture Therapy
This is the first line of defense used at the onset of treatments, and then also as a last phase treatment used on irradiated skin after completion of radiation treatment. RADX Moisture Therapy is a lightly fragranced lotion made with Prickly Pear Cactus Gel; this product is excellent for use in reducing and eliminating redness and inflammation. It helps moisturize skin, and if used at start, or early during treatments, has been shown to slow down the process of radiation reaction which frequently occurs with treatments. This is an exceptional product, often used by the nurses themselves. For more information, and an ingredient list:

RADX Radiation Therapy
The best selling item in the RADX line - an unfragranced 2 % lidocaine cream made with 61% fresh ground aloe (differentiated from “drug store” aloe in that all the commercially available aloe products are made with freeze dried aloe—like comparing concentrate orange juice with fresh squeezed). This product provides almost immediate (within 5 minutes) relief from radiation reaction/burn. Used regularly during a treatment series, it can slow down point at which skin reactions occur and minimized severity of skin damage. This product is paraben free. For more information, and an ingredient list:

SolRx Lip Protectant
SPF #30 stick lip product made with vanilla, vitamins A & E, and aloe. Provides needed moisturizer and protectant for head and neck patients. It comes with a cap or is available on a sports cord, and is often worn by nurses nationally while on duty. This lip product is also great for all outdoor enthusiasts including triathletes. For more information:

RADX SPF #44 Sunblock
Packaged specifically for cancer patients and laser clients, irradiated skin should not have sun exposure for 3 years following treatments; and use of a sunblock is commonly prescribed. This product is a Parsol 1789 formulation (the most effective UVA blocker), and features the WaterBlock 8 hour waterproof system (shown to function at 97% to 100% after 8 hours in and out of water—the highest rating in the industry). Female patients have been impressed by this—the product is an exceptional moisturizer, and is light enough that make-up may be applied over it. Entering the summer season, this is a product that everyone can benefit from! For more information:

Reminder – do not use any of these products immediately before a radiation treatment.

The information in this posting is intended to be helpful and educational, but is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You can print detailed information about the products, including ingredients, and show them to your medical practitioner.